My entry for LOWREZJAM 2016, and I did it entirely in 24 hours!

Marble Incline (Redux) is an arcade-style game that has you rolling a marble to the finish line as quickly as you possibly can! How fast can you roll?

This is the 2016 version of Marble Incline, created in Construct 2 with assets made in PyxelEdit!

The original version was created as a part of LOWREZJAM 2014, in Stencyl.

It was the first real original game I got to work on after my MLP fangame (Perilous Platforms), plus it was the first time I actually took part in a game jam.

If you really want to learn more about the original, check out its entry on my portfolio.

Why a Redux version? Many reasons!

  • Making it in Stencyl was very challenging, and I didn't make as much content as I initially set out to make.
  • MI-Redux was a thought I had back in 2014, since I wanted to really expand on the project since I felt the original was much too small.
  • I was VERY short on time, and I had old assets (though most of the art assets were remade in PyxelEdit), which made it a bit easier to manage.
  • I just had to enter this year's LOWREZJAM! It would've been a huge disservice to miss out after what the 2014 jam did for me as an aspiring developer. Plus I tweeted a bunch about it, so I felt I was beholden to folks, including the jam's organizer.


  • MOVE - Left and Right Arrow Keys / Gamepad D-Pad Left and Right
  • JUMP - Up Arrow Key / X Key / Gamepad D-Pad Up / Gamepad A Button
  • RESTART (after death) - Up Arrow Key / Gamepad B Button
  • NEXT (reaching flag) - Up Arrow Key / Gamepad Start Button
  • MAIN MENU (during post-level screen) - M Key

So yeah, there's keyboard and gamepad controls. I couldn't fit a lot text-wise into the game, so these are perhaps the definitive controls explanation. Sort of.

Play it in your browser, or if you love it so much, download the desktop version!

Works on Windows, Mac, and Linux. ^_^


  • Version 1.1 - revamped level designs and fixed programming errors
  • Version 1.2 - fixed an unbeatable level (level 12)
  • Version 1.3 - replacement of fonts used in-game with more "low-rez" appropriate fonts, remapped certain controls, fixed issues with the main menu
  • [PLANNED] Version 1.4 - savegame structure, fixing control mislabelling


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Marble Incline Redux v1.3 (Desktop)

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