version 1.1 changes

VERSION 1.1 (4/19/17)

So, I finally updated the game! Here's the long changelog:


 - changed movement keys from ESDF to WASD 

- changed restart button from middle mouse button to E 

- changed return to main menu button from Enter to Q 

- navigating back to main menu from credits / information changed to any mouse button, instead of Enter 

- reload is done with the right mouse button 


- added limited ammunition

 - manual reloading done with the right mouse button

 - while firing, Flanigan's movement speed will decrease 

- when not firing, Flanigan's movement speed goes back to normal 

- flower petals can now be pushed by coming into contact with them via WASD movement 

- Flanigan's AK-47 fires 30 bullets per clip

- Flanigan starts with 480 bullets, 30 in a clip, 450 in reserve 

- firing the gun will have noticeable recoil 

- flowers also have recoil when hit

- energy replenished bumped up to 30 units from 25 units 

- ammo replenish count is 75 bullets 

- spawn limiter placed on flowers in order to ease framerate 

- flowers are no longer killed in one hit, each has hit points 

- spawn locations are now randomized for both flowers and items 

Visuals and Sound 

- controls section moved from main menu to pre-game section 

- credits section updated with new music credits 

- main menu now fades in 

- translucent black background added to make main menu text readable 

- information section flavor text updated 

- HUD changed to yellow, with translucent black background 

- ammunition count added to main HUD, divided into clip/remainder 

- timer added to main HUD 

- a flashing flower outline now shows where flowers will spawn 

- flower kill count added to end screen 

- flower "pop-in" after death reworked 

- five new music tracks added 

- every time a game starts, a track is randomly selected via a number generator 

- once the track ends, the number generator resets and selects another song (sometimes the same song) 

- reloading SFX added 

- ammo pickup SFX added 

- energy drink pickup SFX added 

- more discernible bass in the bullet firing sound 

- Flanigan's flashing when hit toned down


[10/17/2017] Kinda added this to test out the devlog!


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Apr 19, 2017

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